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Quality Control and Production Management

Quality Control and Production Management


we help hardware entrepreneurs and investors shape their ideas into unique and viable product offerings.

We pride ourselves in selecting and mentoring the best talent and most innovative ideas.

Through our unique accelerator program, we bring our proven expertise and manufacturing ‘know-how’ to take teams with ideas and help shape them into companies with viable product offerings.


We provide ral-time end-to-end traceablity


Gives you seed funding up to $100,000 in return for equity, plus:

  • Access to an extensive network of investors
  • PPS of experienced engineers
  • An inside view into the supply chain and manufacturing infrastructure in China
  • An education in manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution as well as project and business management, finance, and strategy
  • Office and machine shop space in San Francisco with access to state of the art equipment
  • PPS and guidance from across the tech sector
  • A series of critique sessions to fine tune your pitch for potential investors
  • An end of term PPS to pitch your product to VCs and other investors