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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing


High end manufacturing

From small, highly customized orders of only 500 pieces of a niche industrial product, to lightning-fast turnaround of 300,000 pieces to America’s largest retailer, Hatch creates long term custom-tailored solutions based on your needs. Hatch offers the flexibility to support different kinds of clients. Getting the process started involves an initial project evaluation. [separator top=”40″ style=”double”] [tabs tab1=”Supply Chain Coordination” tab2=”Quality Control Management” tab3=”Logistics and Distribution” layout=”horizontal or vertical” backgroundcolor=”” inactivecolor=””] [tab id=1]

Hatch integrates your supply chain from the ground up, so that your product uses only quality components procured at the right price.

The best way to build a product is from the ground up; this way Hatch can provide better cost control and development options.  With that level of access to the specific supplier of each component, you get the most direct pricing and greatest transparency of the final product’s supply chain. Hatch clients are able to quickly manage product improvements, leverage new technology, and receive forward-looking insight. [/tab] [tab id=2]

Quality control starts at the earliest stage of production planning and dictates the entire manufacturing process.

Ideally all assembly plants have strong quality control systems in place, but that’s just not the case; even the best assembly facilities can benefit from a subjective second opinion. Hatch’s quality control department has a proven inspection process during six key points of production to ensure that potential problems are exposed at the earliest stage possible and reconciled when found. Quality control protocols are created from a combination of Hatch’s firsthand experience, industry standards, factory input, and client input. Hatch’s in-house team quality inspectors are ethical, dedicated, and incredibly detail-oriented when it comes to product quality. [/tab] [tab id=3]

Hatch’s logistics team offers easy, cost-effective, and flexible solutions for you.

Hatch offers all standard freight methods including sea, air, courier services, and custom solutions as well.  For example Hatch has sent high-volume shipments on commercial flights with a personal escort to catch those crucial last-minute situations. From EXW to DDP, Hatch just needs to know what you want and will handle the rest. Additional services include assistance with warehousing and consolidation. Hatch even coordinates directly with your freight forwarder so you don’t have to. [/tab] [/tabs]

Other Services

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  • Tooling Design
  • PCB Layout
  • Prototyping
  • Firmware
  • Packaging


We provide ral-time end-to-end traceablity


Before joining, we would like our partners to have seed funding in place or in progress. For product development, selected services such as product design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping, design for manufacturing and tooling PPS can make in-kind investments via conversion of NRE.

For manufacturing, kitting and fulfillment, startups will benefit from access to the PPS , expertise and know-how experienced by the world’s best brands. A PCH Access line of credit is available to defer manufacturing costs until after shipment to customers.