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Packaging, Fulfillment and Logistics

Packaging, Fulfillment and Logistics


Our expertise extends to collaborating on packaging, its function as well as its form. On the shelf, off the shelf and out of the box, for us they’re all key touch points in a product’s success and a great customer experience.

So too is fulfillment, we take care of everything from storage and stock management to receiving and processing orders for the world’s biggest brands. Our end-to-end service includes one-stop kitting, customization and full inventory management.

Our success lies in our ability to create the most seamless “out-of-box” experience for our clients and their customers, while we remain invisible to the consumer throughout the entire process.


We provide ral-time end-to-end traceablity

We provide real-time end-to-end traceability

Through our proprietary software suite, Ecommerceflo and Trackflo, our clients have access to real-time, end-to-end traceability for every component and product that PCH touches.

As soon as a client or customer places an order, the details are immediately printed on packaging labels in Shenzhen. Orders to the US are delivered within 48-72 hours and our software allows full transparency of order and shipping status.